Hello World!

Why am I writing a blog??

Well… When I was a kid, I used to write a letter to my great grandmother regularly.  I told her what I had been up to, what I was reading, and overall ‘how’s life’.  I really looked forward to getting a letter back from her..in her beautiful handwriting…that nobody really does anymore.

When she passed away, and after I grew up and moved out of state…I continued the “tradition” if you will, and started writing to my grandmother (great grandma’s daughter).  She and Grandpa always wrote back – in that very familiar handwriting.  She talked about her flower gardens, the weather, the family that lived nearby.  My grandmother and grandfather passed away last year, within a month of each other – true love – since then, I’ve been missing them – and the letter writing.  I saved the last birthday card from her – handwritten note inside – in my calendar to remind me every birthday of her.

I miss the writing – the journaling – of our lives between us, so I decided that I can still write in the form of this blog before you.  I think blogging will help get all the things in my mind down and out there….for who?  Myself mostly, my mother and sister – and you silly!

Stay tuned for more “letters” from me…

Till then love…

(as my great grandmother would sign off)

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