Rainy Days of Reflection

Time to Reflect on the day…

Its a Sunday afternoon…and its raining…what to do? what to do?? Snuggle up with my Jack Russell Terrier, dive into a large pile of library books, and a cup of tea, of course!!

Monty and Me

What is it about library books? The feel of the paper…the plastic book cover..the smell? All of them I think for me.  I do have e-books, but mostly just of cookbooks…that way I have paid less since I really only like some of the recipes…what about you?

And what am I reading you ask? Well…books on running your first 10k, clean eating cookbooks (Against All Grain) and obviously – knitting books!!! This one is a pattern book – love ~ love ~ love pattern books!

What is on my knitting needles?

I have had several questions about what I’m currently knitting for my shop PeacocksandPurls…  I am currently working on baby booties and baby hats.  I have had several requests for gifts to give at baby showers…I have also begun working on baby blankets….but with working full-time outside of my shop, it is a slow process…I am a slow knitter – slow runner….a turtle…

Upcoming Races…

My next race is a 10k in August – Rise and Shine 10k Road Race.  It will be my first official 10k (6.2 miles), though I have run that distance many times before.  I just began my training last week, and have had a set back already – dang knee is bothering me – I think I twisted it funny when gardening or playing with the dog somehow….I think I will just dial back the mileage early on and rest it a bit – see how it goes. This is a new race put on by our running club…check it out – it should be a lot of fun! Come and sign up!

Well…waiting for the deck to dry – the rain has cleared – and the sun is out!! I’ll be heading outside with my mat for some restorative yoga practice…

Till then love…

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