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Oh no! My head shrunk! No wait – its the hat…

My hat is too small….what do I do?

I recently had a friend approach me about a hat she received as a gift…She loves the hat but its too small to pull down over her head and she wondered if there was anything she could do to stretch it out.

My initial thoughts were..

  What style of hat is it?

  What is it made out of?

  Is it hand knit or store bought?

and…would she be heartbroken if my suggestions…ruined her hat.  (Eek! Lets hope that doesn’t happen!)

So I stared at her a bit (my thinking process) and explained that since I was unable to see the hat, touch it, pull on it, that I could only give her some tips to try.

My Suggestion…

  1.  Submerge the hat in cold water with a little baby shampoo or mild laundry detergent (just a squirt).
  2. Drain out the excess, without squeezing or rubbing (to avoid the fabric felting). Place it on top of a towel and roll up the hat inside the towel to remove excess water.
  3. Place the hat on your head working it down to where you want it to fit you. If the hat does not stretch to fit over your head when wet….then the chances of her hat stretching are slim…..  She asked what to do if she doesn’t want to put the wet hat on her head…(why? is it not fun waiting for a wet hat to dry on your head I asked her…with a sly grin…)
  4. If you have a balloon, you can make that the approximate size of your head and put the wet hat on that, or block it by stretching the hat and pinning it down to an ironing board. (see photo below)
  5. Wait for the hat to dry.
  6. Once the hat dries, it should maintain this shape.  Again, without knowing the fabric its made from, this is just a suggestion. Animal fibers vs. Synthetic fibers will differ.
Example of Blocking. Here is a yoga sock in process.
Example of Blocking. Here is a yoga sock in process.

She thanked me for my help and said she’d give it a try.


This of course got me thinking…

What other tips could I have given her if I knew what kind of hat we were working with?

What would you suggest to my friend?

Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments!

What’s next for PeacocksandPurls and my knitting?

I’m knitting and knitting and knitting!  I starting making toeless socks for yoga class.  They received such rave reviews, that I will be introducing them into my shop soon! So be on the look out if your interested!

Till Then Love…Facebook Cover

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