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Fiber Adventure + My Birthday!


So I just celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago…. And this year my friend and I decided to go to our first fiber festival and make a grand adventure of the day…then later, we’d meet up with our whole group of girlfriends and celebrate all the recent birthdays at dinner together…

Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival

We started our morning traveling to Pittsburgh PA….about a two hour drive for us.  (Is any distance really too far to see, hold, and squish yarn? I mean, really??)

Arrival at the Pittsburgh Convention Center, we were a bit confused as we didn’t see people carrying bags of yarn, but bunches of people dressed in costume!!  We had a small panic attack that we went to the wrong place, but apparently there was a comic-con happening there too….

Away to the second floor….and ….. Y A R N ! ! ! !

Upon entering….there were rows and rows and rows of yarn!  We saw sampler pieces, exciting colors, people touching, squishing, and squealing about all the yarn!  It was all so pretty…so exciting….my eyes darted left and right…where to start?? What to see first??  I took off…heading sporadically from one vendor to another…I was five years old again!  The colors – oh so pretty!  The project bags, the patterns…come, make this, touch this, buy this!  I was screaming!….no wait…that was my wallet…so sorry plastic credit card…you are going to be on FIRE today!


As my friend reined me in…..we needed a plan….how do we want to go about seeing it all, vs my running and jumping like a child….  We decided to be controlled and go up one isle and down the next…taking time at each vendor…so we wouldn’t miss anything.  We decided that we would look….just look… the first time through and if anything caught our eye – we’d make a notation on the vendor map so we could go back to that vendor later.  Well… we ended up making marks at practically every vendor…so we just bought stuff as the urge hit us.

My first purchase was at Destination Yarns, based in Cleveland Ohio.  Her yarns are hand dyed, inspired by travel.  Owner, designer & dyer, Jeanne Stevenson,  has many beautiful yarns that you should check out!  As I looked around her booth, I noticed some yarn dyed greens and greys…my favorite…it was called…. Eilean Donan Castle!  Um…..did I read that correctly?  My castle name?  MY castle name for Clan MacRae??  Yes!!  She dyed a batch of yarns to bring out the colorways from the castle grounds… its in greens and grays….I bought it!  Yes, I snapped that right up!  I bought the fingering weight and plan to make a shawl with it….I haven’t decided on the pattern yet though…any suggestions??  She also had a colorway called ‘Shark Infested Waters’ – we went back to her booth several times…but I regret not getting that one – I’ll probably get it online soon!

Destination Yarn – Eilean Donan Castle


My second purchase – was a snap impulse – my friend too!  We saw these really cute kits – who doesn’t love a kit!  I mean, the pattern is already decided, the yarn & colors, and even the knitting cable needle was included!  We bought this kit from The Stitch Party.  The yarn is their own yarns called BASH in worsted weight in 100% Superwash Merino Wool.  I got mine in teal green/blue, the color name is Blue Slide Park!  So out of my comfort zone..but it just screamed… “pick me!” (just like the teddy bears)… It included a beautiful cable needle from Knitters’ Pride…can’t wait to try that out! And also included was the pattern for the Riverfront Cowl.  I can’t wait to knit this up!  #ijoinedthestitchparty  is the hashtag they include to use!  Sooo much fun!

Stitch Party – Riverfront Cowl


And my final purchase….was waaaayyyyy out of my comfort zone…PINK!  I have been seeing all these fade sweaters and shawls…. as well as hand dyed, speckled yarns….          I W A N T  it !!!!

So we wandered around until I could find the perfect pink and then something to match it.  I finally found the pink I wanted at Yarn Byrds truck.  Think gourmet food truck – but yarn instead!  I purchase two skeins one in pink and one in yellow to make a shawl.  I haven’t decided yet on the pattern, but at least I know what I want to make…do you have any pattern suggestions.



So there you have it…. I had a great time and we are already planning our next yarn adventure!  Here are some more pictures from the day.  Enjoy!

Shark Infested Waters!


Harps & Thistles Yarn Emporium

If you want a closer look at the yarns I purchased…click here to see them on YouTube or head over to Instagram @ PeacocksandPurls.handknits

What’s on my needles now?

I’m finishing up the Quaking Aspen Cowl that I got from Colorado last year…I should be able to finish it on the way to Toledo, OH.  We are running the Glass City Half Marathon on Sunday…fun fun!..

After I finish that….I think I will start the Riverfront Cowl…then….I have shawls and sweaters on the brain.

Till then love,


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