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Made through the yarn tour!

The last few months were crazy busy! Autumn knitting, Christmas orders, finished the yarn tour, and test knits!

Sorry for missing November to now…whew I’m beat… Anybody else work full time and knit on the side of everything else? I sooo wish I could flip flop those two things!

Well..I’ll begin where I left off….the completion of our yarn tour! We completed All the stores! Some we really liked, some…not so much…

Below are the photos from the shops we went to….

Pegs’s Knit-N-Spin

Small Studio

River Colors Studio

Fine Points Yarn Shop

The Artful Yarn Shop

Fiber Addiction

Bracken Moss Farm

That was our last shop! We got all the pins and had a great time!

All in all…we decided that we would definitely do the tour again, but maybe not stress about getting to all of them..

Till then love…

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