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Summertime Fun

So summer has finally made it! Yay! Do I have any plans for vacationing this summer??…nope! Unless you count soaking up the sun, knitting on the deck, or swing, or hammock…family barbeques, knitting with the girls, and going to visit my niece for her 1st birthday!

We had our annual family bbq at our house just recently… the fabulous Leina took all the photos and they are amazing! We had a blast with the sparklers, played whiffle ball, and ate lots of yummy smoked meat!

I finally finished my Seasons of Love Shawl! Its more like a blanket than a shawl to be honest. Its huge, squishy, and I love it! It will make for the best winter wrap. I’ll get finished photos later for you to see!

I just started my next project… camping socks for my hubby! During the yarn discovery tour last year, we went to Cast On Yarn Shop in Vermillion, and he picked out this pattern! Totally cool camping/hiking socks! I let you know how it turns out!

Till then Love…

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