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Yearly Reflections

Hello All!

Ahhh…. the year is coming to an end…. Christmas is right around the corner….and I’m thinking of all the fun things I’ve done this year!  I can’t wait to see where 2020 takes Peacocks and Purls!

Since we spoke last… my knitting orders have soared!  Everyone has geared up for their Christmas giving of handmade goodies!  I have finally delivered my last order for Christmas!  I really hope to see some photos of everyone wearing their knitted items!

Baby hats and booties were a big hit this winter…. you can find some pics on my Instagram page too.

Our knitting podcast is going full swing…check us out!  theknittersarehere has become so fun to record and watch! We are gearing up for a giveaway since we’ve reached 100 subscribers!

My husband and I got kayaks this summer – I haven’t used mine as much as he did, but I can’t wait to use it more next year!

I’ve made some changes in my knitting studio – moving it into a spare room upstairs.. I’m slowly working on how to make the smaller space doable – hopefully soon you’ll see pictures of it on my YouTube VLOG……

I’ve done some test knitting this year and am currently working on another!  I love getting the opportunity to help a knitwear designer finalize their pattern by test knitting for them…

Test knitting is the phase in new pattern design in which the pattern draft (sometimes also called ‘beta pattern’) is sent to actual knitters to see if they’re able to produce the intended outcome following the designer’s instructions.

My dog Monty is aging and its heartbreaking… he’s 17yrs old now and you can totally see it… he’s blind and deaf….but he manages to get around, just slowly.


I would love to bring you more knitting content in the new year… let me know what you are looking for and I’ll work on it for you!

Till then Love…



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