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Saying goodbye…

This month has been a whirlwind of emotions. It didn’t start out very well as we had to say goodbye to our baby, our puppy, of 17 years. Old age has finally caught up with him and we had to say goodbye to Monty, our sweet Jack Russell. This is the hardest thing I think I’ve ever had to do, was to watch him in his final days and Say Goodbye knowing I’d never get to see him or hear him or pet him again.

It’s funny there’s a lot of emotion wrapped around a pet, a dog… who would have thought…

Frank and I got Monty after we’d gone through a period in our marriage of not being able to have children and then going for fertility testing only to find out that we were unable to have children. At the time my husband worked second shift and I was home alone in the evenings and was feeling really alone. And that’s when we talked about getting a dog, a lappdog, someone to stay with me at night, someone for me to take care of and mother in the light of knowing we wouldn’t be having children.

Monty was so much more than just a dog… he went everywhere with us… he went backpacking, 15 + mile hikes, camping, traveling to New York, car rides, runs, he even slept in our bed with us just like a kid would. I remember he always liked to bury himself underneath the covers at night and I would think doesn’t he get hot under there that’s crazy he’s got to be sweating to death… but he loved it. He loved to burrow underneath blankets and pillows and that was just his thing. He Loved to have his nose covered up and I’d… think how can you breathe your own hot breath! I can’t stand that but he was happy and content that way.

We spent a lot of time with him in the last days preparing for his final time with us. It was worse than I could ever have imagined. We both said I can’t believe any pet owner can handle this. It was and is the worst thing thus far.

We have a special place for him in our yard and in the spring and summer we plan on making it a little sanctuary. He loved to go to that spot and hide from us all the time so it was fitting that that would be final resting place. We miss so much to see his little face.

The day after he passed away I already had plans and reservations made to go with the girls on a knitting retreat and couldn’t break my promise to be with them so for me it was helpful to have my mind occupied hidden in the wake of Monty being newly gone. But now the days are lingering on and I’m back into my normal routine of times I’m home alone it would just be Monty and I while Frank was at work… are harder than I expected.

People ask if we’ll get another dog and I, at this point… and Frank agrees… can’t imagine having another pet as nobody can replace Monty. I also don’t think that I could handle going through an elderly dog again as that was very rough and I sure as s*** cannot deal with the death of another pet because he was so much more than a pet… it’s like losing my child.

I didn’t want to make this a sad post but quite honestly I am sad… I’ll always be sad and I always miss him but life Must Go On and I just wanted to share with all of my followers what happened this month and why I’ve been very quiet on social media because my mind has been somewhere else.

Thank you so much for all your thoughts and your prayers and words of comfort that you’ve given us through social media it really has helped us go through.

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Till then love…