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Knitting & Coffee

Since the outbreak… I’m missing sitting at my local coffee shop knitting, drinking tons of coffee, & chatting the day away….

How about you? How are you holding up during this pandemic?

I read a recent article in Bella Grace Magazine…. is it a magazine? Or a book really? I love having it around, to read when I’m having a cup of coffee or tea….

The article was about 5 ways coffee can help you embrace the slow life… I think knitting also fits this purpose as well.

The five was were Brewing your own drip coffee from home, sharing coffee with someone, painting with coffee, reading about coffee, and mixing coffee into other intentional living practices.

I like the one about sharing coffee with someone…. my fellow knit squad….I encourage you to grab a copy, a coffee, and sink right in.

Coffee, whether warm or cold, is a comforting beverage that only gets better when we share it. One we drink because it just feels soulful.

Michelle Noel

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