About Me

My name is Darcilla…I come from a large family of artists – from painters and potters to fashion and garden designers.  I am inspired by the “something” hidden, the softness of a fiber, a color, or expression – this makes my soul leap with creative ideas…

I love the magic that happens when a thought or vision in my mind becomes a reality, touchable in my hands, either in a piece of jewelry, artwork or knitting project – its the life creating part of a thought that drives me to create.  The dream from my mind that I can now hold in my hand and present to you…the whimsy and wonder that is me…

I love diving into a large pile of library books – on knitting, fitness, cooking, running, yoga and Christian studies…I’ll have a large cup of tea or latte and snuggle in!  When I am not working full-time, I am knitting & yarn shop touring, cross-fitting & running, working on my shop PeacocksandPurls, hiking with my husband and our “son”, a Jack Russell Terrier, enjoying a restorative yoga session, or smelling the flowers planted at home by my loving husband of 19 years.

I started this blog as a way to connect with my great grandmother & grandmother after they passed away – as a continuation of our letter writing….

I hope you enjoy the website!

Till later love…

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi!

    I am an event organizer and am hosting the Merry & Bright Holiday Mart on November 30 at Weymouth Country Club in Medina.

    Would you be interested in vendor opportunities?

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