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I love all things knitting and fiber related…so much so that I knit and hoard…collect… yarn on the daily… I have a whole room in my home dedicated to my love of knitting…. my studio space, that some day, I would LOVE to move into a brick and mortar store front!

Why did I join Patreon?

I have dreams and ambitions to one day own a brick and mortar store for all things yarn, knitting, and of course, coffee related… until then, I hope that you would support me and my love for knitting on my way in achieving that life goal.  
This is a place where I will share my passions with you, my patrons, on a more personal level.
In my love for knitting, I create more than I could ever wear myself…my family & friends love my hand knit knitwear, so I sell my finished objects on Etsy, in local artisan shops, and through my website… to support my life goal.
By joining with Patreon, my hopes are that you will support my love and passion for knitting and help me spend more time in that passion.

What will you get by becoming my Patron?
My biggest heartfelt thanks for supporting me!  I couldn’t do the things I love without your support! 
In becoming my Patron, you will get to see the behind the scenes things that I do not share on social media…  You will get to see the newest items in my shop before they get there… Depending on what tier you decided to pledge your support, there will be different offerings. 

By supporting me in what I hope is also your passion too – you are helping me reach my lifetime goal of branching out and creating more knitted items everyday!  Your support means I can attend more knitting classes, fiber festivals that require travel or overnight accommodations, obtain more sustainable yarns that are out of my price point, help in getting me the education I need to run a brick & mortar store front, and spend more time knitting!!  Your donations help me think, grow, and create even bigger!  Thank you!

To become a patron please click the link below! Thank you so much for your support!