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Knitted Tiny Things

I worked on some baby sweaters for little Della… cause let’s be real, she won’t be little for long… and I wanted to get her something knitted.

I found a pattern for a cardigan style dress.  I modified the pattern to suit my needs by adjusting the sleeves a bit and shortening it from dress length, to sweater length.  I used some leftover hand-dyed yarn and finished it off with some buttons from great grandma’s button jar.  Its too cute for words!  I do not even care if Della wears it… I just wanted a picture of her in it!  It was such a fun project and it knit up so quickly that it was not a drag!  Win! Win!

I also finished making the hubby some camping cozy socks to wear this fall hiking!  They fit him like a glove!  I’m not sure why I do not make more socks… other than they are a time suck…and yeah, I work full-time…boo!

I tried Stand-up Paddle-boarding for the first time on Lake Erie!  I was scared to death!!!  Afraid that if I fell off, that I would not be able to climb back on… well… I was the only one who did NOT fall off!  I was happy but then, thinking on it later, wish I had fallen for the experience…. Guess that means I’ll be doing it again!

Yarny adventures are in store for the month on the Yarn Discovery Tour, and time get some podcasting done! Check us out on YouTube…. The Knitters Are Here!

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

Til Then Love…