Will Travel for Yarn…

Yes, I will travel for yarn....or wait....I mean I'll ride along in the car...for yarn.... (thank you Crystal for driving all over Ohio for yarn!) My good friend Crystal and I went on our second day for a yarn tour...we went to four stores this time...more "local" to us... We went to The Designing Women [...]

Local Yarn Hop Shop

So September brought the month of the Yarn Discover Tour....this is also the month my credit card died....while I smiled about it! Yarn Discovery Tour What is the tour you ask....well.....happy to tell you! The Yarn Discovery Tour provides fiber enthusiasts the opportunity to visit 19 amazing yarn shops throughout Northeast Ohio. To find out [...]

A Lazy August

Augusts are always a bit of a sleepy month for me... this August was fun-filled, but still sleepy... I am cross-fitting as you can see from above... I did have a lot of Personal Records this month!  Working on balance and strength... getting stronger is my goal.... I actually managed to make it there 6 [...]

A Yarn Obsession

So I've been knitting away at my Cerulean Mist Shawl by Kylen Tennies.  In between that I've been working on baby items.... because my sister's baby is due next month!   The Cerulean Mist shawl is a really easy knit up...  I chose the two yarns I bought at the Pittsburgh Fiber Festival from the [...]

Travel & Yarn

Travel & Yarn

I missed you guys! I'm sorry that time has gotten away from me...again! Life...it seems...is too busy for me. Last year I spent time knitting and traveling... A Few of my adventures... As Director for the Clan MacRae Society of North America, our annual meeting was held in Denver Colorado last year...and my husband and [...]

Is there Wool in Scotland?

Well...I'm back to sunny, warm weather...who takes a vacation where it rains every day and the sun occasionally makes an appearance?  I DO!!  I'm back from our vacation in Scotland!!  Yes, you read me right...SCOTLAND! It was the trip of a lifetime!  We have been planning it for several years and finally the day came! [...]